Three Men in the Dark

Published in 2017 by HarperCollins


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Introduction by Hugh Lamb

The Skeleton - Jerome K. Jerome
The Moon-Slave - Barry Pain
The Undying Thing - Barry Pain
Purification - Robert Barr
The End of a Show - Barry Pain
The Haunted Mill - Jerome K. Jerome
The Unfinished Game - Barry Pain
The Glass of Supreme Moments - Barry Pain
The Vengeance of the Dead - Robert Barr
Smeath - Barry Pain
The Woman of the Sæter - Jerome K. Jerome
The Green Light - Barry Pain
The Snake - Jerome K. Jerome
The Hour and the Man - Robert Barr
The Case of Vincent Pyrwhit - Barry Pain
Not According to the Code - Robert Barr
Linda - Barry Pain
Silhouettes - Jerome K. Jerome
The Tower - Barry Pain
The Four-Fingered Hand - Barry Pain
Transformation - Robert Barr
The Gray Cat - Barry Pain
The Dancing Partner - Jerome K. Jerome
An Alpine Divorce - Robert Barr
The Mystery of Black Rock Creek
- Chapter I - Jerome K. Jerome
- Chapter II - Eden Phillpotts
- Chapter III - E. F. Benson
- Chapter IV - Frank Frankfort Moore
- Chapter V - Barry Pain

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