Ghost Stories for Christmas 2019 – Part Two

We hope you enjoyed The Treasure of Abbot Thomas, or rather, we hope the now terrified family are looking over their shoulders and wondering if they really want to listen to the next story.

For Christmas Day, why not treat them to a reading of The Lady of Rosemount by Sir T. G. Jackson.

Sir Thomas Graham Jackson (1835–1924) was a celebrated architect, scholar, and author who, in 1919, wrote a collection of macabre stories, Six Ghost Stories. A self-professed fan of M. R. James, Jackson’s work was unabashedly influenced by James, and he even went so far as to say so in the anthology’s introduction. The second story in Six Ghost Stories is now presented here for your festive pleasure.


Download “The Lady of Rosemount”

The-Lady-of-Rosemount.pdf – Downloaded 652 times – 414.79 KB



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