Ghost Stories for Christmas from Hugh – Part Two

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed The Room in the Tower, the first of two festive ghost stories specially selected by Hugh Lamb. Especially if you were new to the tale. There’s nothing like reading a vintage ghost story for the very first time.

The second story chosen by Hugh appeared in his 1976 anthology Star Book of Horror No. 2. Published by Ambrose Bierce in 1891, The Death of Halpin Frayser is an all-time favourite of his and was first choice for your 2017 Christmas Eve read.

Bierce was an American writer and soldier, whose fiction was described by H. P. Lovecraft as ‘grim and savage’. He disappeared in 1913, at the age of 71, and his fate remains a mystery to this day, although there are an abundance of theories. Quite the departure for an author of the supernatural.

So, please find below, your link to Hugh Lamb’s chosen tale of terror for this Christmas Eve. As before, we insist this tale be read to friends or family in a voice not too dissimilar to that of the late Christopher Lee.

Download “The-Death-of-Halpin-Frayser.pdf”

The-Death-of-Halpin-Frayser-1.pdf – Downloaded 1403 times – 864.29 KB



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