Richard Lamb Interviewed on the EnCrypted Classic Horror podcast

Richard Lamb was recently interviewed on the EnCrypted Classic Horror podcast, in conversation with Jasper Lestrange. They talk about Hugh Lamb, his work and legacy unearthing rare vintage ghost stories, but also Hugh Lamb, the father and the man.

The conversation also takes in Hugh Lamb’s beginnings as an anthologist, his love of the horror genre in all it forms, and it reveals how he unearthed the ‘lost’ M. R, James story, The Experiment. Richard discusses, too, his motivation for taking up the reins of his father’s legacy and carrying it forward.

Lestrange has a great channel where he regularly reads classic horror stories, so why not check out his podcast, EnCrypted: The Classic Horror Podcast, either at his YouTube Channel, Blogspot or Patreon account.

Here is the interview. We hope you enjoy it!

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