Kindle and Paperback.

Published in 2006 by Dover.

A man’s mysterious “journey home” takes him back in time to familiar faces and places. A deserted ship transports a ghastly cargo in its sealed hold. A strange occupant of a newly rented house terrifies the tenants.

Sixteen shocking tales–teeming with sinister figures, mystical spells, and nameless terrors–fill the pages of this chilling anthology. Long-neglected classics by Mary Wilkins-Freeman, Jerome K. Jerome, Lady Dilke, and other renowned writers include “The Undying Thing,” “The Serpent’s Head,” “The Drunkard’s Death,” “The Haunted Mill,” “The Page-Boy’s Ghost,” “Mysterious Maisie,” and ten other compelling tales of horror.

Other Editions

Ebook – Published in 2006 by Dover


The Undying Thing • (1901) • novelette by Barry Pain
The Serpent’s Head • (1886) • short story by Lady Dilke
The Phantom Model • (1894) • short story by Hume Nisbet
The Accursed Cordonnier • (1900) • novelette by Bernard Capes
The Vengeance of the Dead • (1894) • short story by Robert Barr
The Beckside Boggle • (1886) • short story by Alice Rea
In the Court of the Dragon • [King in Yellow (Chambers)] • (1895) • short story by Robert W. Chambers
The Old House in Vauxhall Walk • (1882) • novelette by Mrs. J. H. Riddell
The Drunkard’s Death • (1836) • short story by Charles Dickens
Luella Miller • (1902) • short story by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
A Psychological Experiment • (1900) • short story by Richard Marsh
A Derelict • (1895) • short story by J. A. Barry
The Haunted Mill • (1891) • short story by Jerome K. Jerome
An Unexpected Journey • (1893) • short story by J. H. Pearce
The Page Boy’s Ghost • (1896) • short story by The Countess of Munster
Mysterious Maisie • (1895) • novelette by Wirt Gerrare