The thing hiding under the bed. A mocking voice from beyond the grave. Something left behind in the deserted villa. One man’s terrible penance before death.

The Victorian and Edwardian periods were a heyday for ghost stories and other tales of the macabre. This was the time of the Penny Dreadful, of Dickens, M. R. James and Stoker. It was a time when science and spiritualism were intertwined, and the existence of supernatural forces was taken for granted. For those who enjoy a spine-chilling read, this was one of the most prolific periods in history.

Things That Wait in the Dark brings you 20 vintage tales from that golden age. Tales of horrors both natural and supernatural. This brand new collection was compiled from the archives of the late Hugh Lamb, one of the world’s leading anthologists of vintage horror, and from discoveries made by his son, Richard. You’ll find a host of lesser known stories as well as some not seen in an anthology since their original publication.

Things That Wait in the Dark is a treat for those who love to peer into the darkness of antiquity and see what might be peering back. So, delve, if you dare, into this unique age of ghosts, monsters, murder and gaslit chills.


Introduction – Richard Lamb
The Patch – Philip Murray
A Case of Prevision – J. D. Beresford
They Found My Grave – Marjorie Bowen
His Wife – Zita Inez Ponder
The Boggart of Hellen-Pot – S. Baring-Gould
The Bell – Frederick Cowles
By the Shrine of Saint Cuthbert – Howard Pease
At the Article of Death – John Buchan
The Villa Lucienne – Ella D’Arcy
Nelly Devitt’s Ghost – Anonymous
Friend or Foe? – J. H. Pearce
Lady Farquhar’s Old Lady – Mrs. Molesworth
Through the Deadlight – Morgan Robertson
The Spectre Hand – James Grant
The Ghost at the Rath – Rosa Mulholland
The Picture – Amyas Northcote
Mr H’s Own Narrative – Thomas Heaphy
Ha! Ha! – G. R. Sims
The Red Woman of the Hills – Nancy Harward
The Christmas Violin – Guy Thorne
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