Published in 1977 by W. H. Allen.

In 1982 Swedish publisher B. Wahlströms Bokindustri published Victorian Nightmares in two parts, under the titles Djävulen i träsket and Gravskändaren. 

Other Editions

Hardcover – Published in 1977 by Taplinger

Paperback – Published in 1980 by Coronet

Paperback - Published by Wahlströms in 1982

Paperback - Published by Wahlströms in 1982

Republished as A Bottomless Grave and Other Victorian Tales of Terror in 2001 by Dover


Editor’s Foreword (Victorian Nightmares) • (1977) • essay by Hugh Lamb
The Devil of the Marsh • (1893) • short story by H. B. Marriott Watson [as by H. B. Marriott-Watson]
A Tragic Honeymoon (1894) • short story by G. R. Sims
The Battle of the Monsters • (1899) • short story by Morgan Robertson
The Return • (unknown) (1894) • short story by R. Murray Gilchrist
The Corpse Light • (1899) • short story by Dick Donovan
The Ship That Saw a Ghost • (1902) • short story by Frank Norris
A Bottomless Grave • (1888) • short story by Ambrose Bierce
One Summer Night • (1906) • short story by Ambrose Bierce
Ghosts That Have Haunted Me • (1896) • short story by John Kendrick Bangs
Haunted by Spirits (1867) • short story by George Manville Fenn
A Ghost Slayer (1893) • short story by J. Keightley Snowden
The Tomb • short story by Guy de Maupassant (trans. of La tombe 1884)
The Man with the Nose • (1872) • short story by Rhoda Broughton
My Nightmare (1892) • short story by Dorothea Gerard
A Life-Watch • (1967) • short story by Georgina C. Clark
The Haunted Chair • (1902) • short story by Richard Marsh
Coolies • (1895) • short story by W. Carlton Dawe
The Three Souls • short story by Alexandre Chatrian and Émile Erckmann (trans. of Les trois âmes 1860) [as by Erckmann-Chatrian]
A Strange Goldfield • (1904) • short story by Guy Boothby
An Alpine Divorce • (1893) • short story by Robert Barr
The Story of Baelbrow • [Flaxman Low] • (1916) • short story by Hesketh Prichard and Kate Prichard [as by E. Heron and H. Heron]