E. Nesbit’s Tales Of Terror


Hardcover – Published in 1983 by Eyre Methuen.


Man-Size In Marble
The Three Drugs
The Violet Car
John Charrington’s Wedding
In The Dark
The Five Senses
The Shadow


This was Hugh Lamb’s first collection of Edith Nesbit stories. It was followed by the expanded collection In the Dark, in 1988, which was itself expanded in subsequent 2000 and 2017 versions.  

A Swedish edition, entitled Skräck-Historier was published in 1985.


“Best known for her unusual children’s stories, this delightful writer launched her career with tales that set you shivering. This current selection offers thrills as modern as a horror film but with a lot more dignity, brains and stylish timing.

David Hughes
The Mail on Sunday
January 1984

Great small collection here. I’ve only ever read Nesbit’s short stories in mixed horror anthologies, so it was nice to delve into these half-dozen or so pieces and appreciate them side-by-side. My favourites were ‘In the Dark’ and ‘The Shadow’, which I just got to last night (Christmas night). In fact, ‘The Shadow’ gave me some genuine chills. Highly recommended if you’re fond of an oldie-worldie yarn.

Carmen Tudor
Author and Goodreads Reviewer

Other Editions

Paperback – Published in 1985 by Magnum

Hardcover – Published in 1985 by Almqvist & Wiksell Förlag AB

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