Forgotten Tales of Terror


Hardcover – Published in 1978 by Eyre Methuen.

Hugh Lamb’s collections of horror stories will need no introduction to enthusiasts of macabre fiction. And in Forgotten Tales of Terror he has once again assembled a collection of classic short stories that he has researched from the works of past masters of the genre.

The stories range wide and deep in their examination of ghosts, terror and the supernatural. From the horrifying Cadaver of Bishop Louis, a haunting tale in the best M. R. James tradition, to the spine-chilling The Third Eye, which is all the more chilling for its unusual location.

There is plenty here to disturb the composure of the most hardened devotee of horror stories – a fund of newly discovered tales which, once read, will never again be forgotten.


Introduction – Hugh Lamb
The Fear From the Lake – Oswell Blakeston
The Cadaver of Bishop Louis – Frederick Cowles
Smeath – Barry Pain
The Murder Of The Hunchbacked Boy – C. D. Pamely
The Reconciliation – Lafcadio Hearn
The Moon Stricken – Bernard Capes
The Chippendale Mirror – E. F. Benson
The Haunted Bungalow – Charles Duff
The Third Eye – Robert W. Chambers
The Late Mrs. Fowke – Amyas Northcote
The Mystery of the Derelict – William Hope Hodgson
The House on the Rynek – Dermot Chesson Spence


In 1979 Swedish publisher B. Wahlströms Bokindustri published Forgotten Tales of Terror in two parts, under the titles Spök Spegeln and Mån Galen. 

Other Editions

Paperback – Published by Wahlströms in 1979

Paperback – Published by Wahlströms in 1979

Paperback – Published by Magnum in 1978

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