Gaslit Nightmares 2


Published in 1991 by Futura.

Feel the finger of death caress your eyes.

Under the gaslights of late nineteenth-century London, Jack the Ripper, Charles Peace and others plied their bloody trade. In these twenty-three stories, by authors such as Alexandre Dumas, Jerome K. Jerome, Robert W. Chambers and Sabine Baring-Gould, that world opens its doors again – to ghosts, horror and death.


Introduction – Hugh Lamb
The Strange Story of Northavon Priory – Frank Frankfort Moore
A Tropical Horror – William Hope Hodgson
Nightmare-Touch – Lafcadio Hearn
The Phantom Riders – E. R. Suffling
Un Peu d’Amour – Robert W. Chambers
The Spirit of the Fjord – John C. Shannon
Mustapha – Baring-Gould
Marceau’s Prisoner – Alexandre Dumas
Dark Dignum – Bernard Capes
The Vanishing House – Bernard Capes
The King of the Baboons – Perceval Gibbon
The Woman with a Candle – W. Bourne Cooke
The Pig-Skin Belt – Edward Lucas White
The Black Knight – Raymund Allen
The Terror by Night – Lewis Lister
The Dark Shadow – Wirt Gerrare
The Mystery of the Felwyn Tunnel – L. T. Meade and Robert Eustace
Old Gervais – Mary Louisa Molesworth
In the Light of the Red Lamp – Maurice Level
The Test – Maurice Level
Mrs Rivers’s Journal – Perceval Landon
The Woman of the Sæter – Jerome K. Jerome
The Devil’s Manuscript – S. Levett-Yeats


The huge success of 1988’s Gaslit Nightmares led to the release of this second edition. It was the second time that a Hugh Lamb anthology enjoyed a numbered sequel, following on from the 1976 The Star Book of Horror No. 2.

Gaslit Nightmares 2 was the last completely new anthology published by Hugh Lamb in his lifetime. It was eventually followed by And Midnight Never Come in 2021, edited by Hugh’s son Richard. 

Stories from Gaslit Nightmares and Gaslight Nightmares 2 were republished by Dover in their collections, Gaslit Nightmares and Gaslit Horror, in 2006 and 2008, respectively.

Other Editions

Published in 2006 by Dover

Published in 2008 by Dover

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