Gaslit Nightmares


Published in 1988 by Futura.

A nameless terror stalks the fog-enshrouded streets of London.

An abandoned ship carries a grisly cargo in its sealed hold.

A sinister figure reaps corn outside a plague-struck village.

A chilling anthology of neglected Victorian ghost stories, with tales of terror from the pens of Charles Dickens, Barry Pain, Joel Chandler Harris, Lady Dilke, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Jerome K. Jerome, the Countess of Munster and many more.


The Undying Thing – Barry Pain
The Serpent’s Head – Lady Dilke
The Phantom Model – Hume Nisbet
The Black Reaper – Bernard Capes
The Accursed Cordonnier – Bernard Capes
The Vengeance of the Dead – Robert Barr
The Beckside Boggle – Alice Rea
Maw-Sayah – Charles J. Mansford
In the Court of the Dragon – Robert W. Chambers
The Old House in Vauxhall Walk – Charlotte Riddell
The Drunkard’s Death – Charles Dickens
Luella Miller – Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
A Psychological Experiment – Richard Marsh
The Mystic Spell – Dick Donovan
The Late Mr Watkins of Georgia – Joel Chandler Harris
The Ghost in the Mill – Harriet Beecher Stowe
A Derelict – J. A. Barry
The Haunted Mill – Jerome K. Jerome
An Unexpected Journey – J. H. Pearce
The Pride of the Corbyns – Isabella Banks
The Page Boy’s Ghost – The Countess of Munster
Mysterious Maisie – Wirt Gerrare


Gaslit Nightmares was a hugh success and led to the release of a second edition, Gaslit Nightmares 2. It is the only time that a Hugh Lamb anthology enjoyed a numbered sequel.

Stories from Gaslit Nightmares and Gaslight Nightmares 2 were republished by Dover in their collections, Gaslit Nightmares and Gaslit Horror, in 2006 and 2008, respectively.


This is one of the most enjoyable collections of supernatural stories of the 19th Century available today. Many of the stories are quite impossible to find elsewhere. Hugh Lamb did the literary world a great service in providing introductions to the stories, authors, and authors’ works; these help immeasurably in the enjoyment of the collection as a whole.

Emmett Hoops
Goodreads Reviewer

A superb collection of ghost and supernatural stories from the Victorian era.

Goodreads Reviewer

Other Editions

Paperback – Published in 2008 by Dover

Paperback – Published in 2006 by Dover

Hardcover – Published in 1988 by Macdonald

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