In the Dark


Published in 2017 by HarperCollins.

Edith Nesbit’s natural gift for storytelling has brought her worldwide renown as a classic children’s author. But beyond her beloved children’s stories lay a darker side to her imagination, revealed here in her chilling tales of the supernatural.

Haunted by lifelong phobias which provoked, in her own words, ‘nights and nights of anguish and horror, long years of bitterest fear and dread’, Nesbit was inspired to pen terrifying stories of a twilight world where the dead walked the earth.

All but forgotten for almost a hundred years until In the Dark was first published 30 years ago, this collection finally restored Nesbit’s reputation as a one of the most accomplished and entertaining ghost-story writers of the Victorian age.

With seven extra newly-discovered stories now appearing for the first time in paperback, this revised edition includes an introduction by Hugh Lamb exploring the life of the woman behind these tales and the events and experiences that contributed to her fascination with the macabre.


Introduction – Hugh Lamb
Man-Size in Marble
Uncle Abraham’s Romance
From the Dead
The Haunted Inheritance
The Three Drugs
The Letter in Brown Ink
The Violet Car
John Charrington’s Wedding
No. 17
The Pavilion
The House of Silence
The Mystery of the Semi-Detached
In the Dark
The Head
The Ebony Frame
Hurst of Hurstcote
The Five Senses
The Haunted House
The Shadow
The Detective
The Power of Darkness


This is a third edition of the Edith Nesbit anthology entitled In the Dark. First published in 1989, with almost half the stories, it was then expanded in the limited print 2000 Ash-Tree Press edition.

When the original edittion of Hugh Lamb’s anthology In the Dark was published in 1989 by Equation, a large print version was also published by Chivers Press.


Loved every story included in this book. Stories that leave you with a heart ache and shiver!

Amazon Reviewer

This new edition edited by Lamb of Edith Nesbit’s interesting terror stories is to be considered one of the best and most complete (21 texts). The text does not have any apparatuses of notes, only an introduction and a final note, but overall it is well done. Recommended

Translated from Italian

Amazon Reviewer

Other Editions

Hardcover – Published in 2000 by Ash-Tree Press

Paperback – Published in 1989 by Equation

Hardcover – Large print version published in 1989 by Chivers Press

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