New Tales of Terror


Paperback – Published in 1980 by Magnum.

‘The place was silent. Very still. With dread, she entered the living room. Paul’s bedroom door was open. Trembling, she approached it and looked in… She came further inside.

The scream that rose in her throat seemed to shatter her body and rip her skull apart. The bright clean baby bedclothes were spattered with blood and splintered glass and spilt milk, his features hideous and unrecognisable from the jagged glass that had been driven savagely into his face – lay Gary.’

Hugh Lamb has collected twelve, previously unpublished, horror stories from contemporary writers, each of which is guaranteed to chill the blood!


Introduction – Hugh Lamb
Sylow Springs – Robert Haining
The Snorkel, The Starfish and the Salt, Salt Sea – Ken Dickson
A Strange and Awful Coincidence – Elizabeth Fancett
Snarker’s Son – Brian Lumley
Some Travellers Return – Rosemary Timperley
Justice Tresilian in the Tower – Ken Alden
Mind – Les Freeman
Morton – T. H. McCormick
The Singing Stream – Eleanor Inglefield
Midnight Hag – Adrian Cole
Baby Hate – Elizabeth Fancett
The Fetch – Robert Aickman


This was Hugh Lamb’s second, and final, collection made up of solely contemporary stories. The first was Cold Fear, published in 1977.


Well this was a nice little surprise of a book. I don’t generally like short stories as I can’t get into them, but this one is excellent. I think there are 12 stories and I loved 10 of them. I would say most of these stories are creepy as fuck. They really creeped me out reading them. All short, but brilliant.

Danni the Girl
Goodreads Reviewer

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Hardcover – Published in 1981 by Severn House

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