Terror by Gaslight: Memorial Edition


Published in 2021 by Kingsbrook Publishing

The village cursed by a vengeful ghost. A series of inexplicable suicides. The helpless man trapped in a dark place (but not alone). Two sinister tales of seafaring spirits.

All these chilling stories and more await the unwary in Terror by Gaslight.

First published in 1975, this collection is renowned anthologist Hugh Lamb’s companion piece to his popular Victorian Tales of Terror. This new Memorial Edition features the original fourteen stories plus three more selected from Hugh’s collection of unused material, marking their first appearance in an anthology of this type. You will also find a new Afterword from Mike Ashley, noted anthologist and longtime friend of Hugh Lamb.

The Victorian era was a heyday for supernatural storytelling and Terror by Gaslight showcases some of the best the period had to offer. So, switch on the gas lamp, close the window against the fog and settle back to enjoy the pleasing terror of these Victorian tales of the macabre.


Foreword – Hugh Lamb
Purification – Robert Barr
The Beckoning Hand – Grant Allen
Nothing But the Truth – Rhoda Broughton
The Haunted House of Paddington – Charles Ollier
A Dreadful Night – Edwin Lester Arnold
The House of Strange Stories – Andrew Lang
The Invisible Eye – Erckmann-Chatrian
The Earth Draws – Jonas Lie
The Wondersmith – Fitz James O’Brien
The Basilisk – R. Murray Gilchrist
A Dead Man’s Teeth – S. Baring Gould
The Doomed Man – Dick Donovan
Kentucky’s Ghost – Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward
The Weird Woman – Anonymous
Not Explained – Theo Gift
A Wonderful Guy – George R. Sims
The White Woman of Slaith – Mrs G. Linnaeus Banks
The Delver in the Stacks – Mike Ashley
Acknowledgements – Richard Lamb
About the Editor


Not to be confused with Hugh Lamb’s 1992 anthology (Published by Constable & Co. Ltd.), which was also called Terror by Gaslight, but has different contents.

Together with Victorian Tales of Terror, this is widely considered to be the quintessential Hugh Lamb anthology.


“A very fine anthology – essential, I’d say.”

Ramsey Campbell

Other Editions

Hardcover – Published in 1975 by W. H. Allen

Hardcover – Published in 1976 by Taplinger

Paperback – Published in 1977 by Coronet

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