The Man-Wolf and Other Horrors


Hardcover – Published in 1978 by W. H. Allen.

Beware the steps down to the crypt: the overgrown moss makes them slippery. Mind the bats that fly out as you open the door and watch for the thin hand that may grip your shoulder as you step inside. For you have just been invited to a gathering in the tomb – a gathering of forgotten horrors. Hugh Lamb has drawn up a guest list of rare ghouls and demons from the neglected world of macabre fiction. Our principal guest is a one hundred-year-old werewolf; at the top table with him can be found a vampire, a monstrous fish, a snake and a leper, a murderer’s ghost, a mortuary attendant, a rustic warlock and a man-eating plant.

The Man-Wolf and Other Horrors is a collection of a dozen tales of terror, all forgotten or ignored for many years. Masters of the art of freezing your blood – such as E.F. Benson, A.C. Benson, Frederick Cowles, Eleanor Scott and Maurice Level – rub shoulders with some lesser known but equally worthy talents. A discovery guaranteed to delight any ghost story enthusiast is a forgotten item by M.R. James, here published in book form for the first time ever; and the title story in this anthology is a classic werewolf tale from Erckmann-Chatrian, which has been out of print for a hundred years. So close the crypt door behind you, forget the darkness all around, and meet the guests at this weird gathering. They are longing to meet you…


Editor’s Foreword – Hugh Lamb
The Horror of Abbot’s Grange – Frederick Cowles
The Finless Death – R. E. Vernède
The Kennel – Maurice Level
The Snake, the Leper and the Grey Frost – A. C. Benson
The Case of Frank Hampden – E. F. Benson
Father Bianchi’s Story – R. H. Benson
The Charnel House – Philip Murray
Twelve Medieval Ghost Stories – M. R. James
The Cure – Eleanor Scott
The Warlock of Glororum – Howard Pease
The Downs – Amyas Northcote
The Man-Wolf – Émile Erckmann and Alexandre Chatrian

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