The Star Book of Horror No. 1


Paperback – Published in 1975 by Star.

Masters of the macabre.

Veteran horror-monger Hugh Lamb presents a fearsome combination. A Deep, dark well of strangely unsettling inspiration, a frightening onslaught on the reader’s ‘inner space’.


Introduction – Hugh Lamb
Drink to Me Only – John Blackburn
The Head of Wu-fang – Don C. Wiley
Lot 87 – Joy Burnett
Punch and Judy – Frederick Cowles
Waiting for Trains – Charles Birkin
Run Through – Ramsey Campbell
The Thing in the Hall – E. F. Benson
The Trunk – Philip Murray
This House is Evil – Robert Haining
Untouchable – Robert Bloch
Now Wakes the Sea – J. G. Ballard
A Christmas Game – A. N. L. Munby
Hands – John Keir Cross


Experienced anthologist Hugh Lamb brings together a great deal of 20th century talent for this long-forgotten paperback horror anthology. As far as I know there were only ever two books in this series, which is a pity as THE STAR BOOK OF HORROR NO. 1 makes for fine reading. Most of the authors are well-known to horror fans although there are a few unfamiliars mixed in too.

Goodreads Reviewer

“This is one of the best horror anthologies to have been brought out by any publishing in recent years and is strongly recommended to all horror enthusiasts. Future volumes in the Star series are eagerly awaited!”

British Fantasy Society Bulletin
July 1975

Other Editions

Paperback – Alternative cover published by Star in 1976

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