The Star Book of Horror No. 2


Paperback – Published in 1976 by Star.

These are some of the masters of the macabre who invite you to open the doors of your imagination and step into another world—a world ruled by nightmare, where grotesque fantasies and fiendish horrors people the universe of the Unknown.

This is what awaits you. Enter if you dare!


Introduction – Hugh Lamb
The Ultimate Thrill – Oswell Blakeston
Edifice Complex – Robert Bloch
Into Outer Darkness – H. R. Wakefield
The Field of Blood – John Blackburn
The Death of Halpin Frayser – Ambrose Bierce
The Crimson Plague – C. D. Pamely
Marlston Water – Joy Burnett
Murderers’ Corner – Charles Duff
Laocoon – Bassett Morgan
One, Two, Buckle My Shoe – Nugent Barker
The Man Who Photographed Beardsley – Brian Lumley
Compartment 1313A – A. Erskine Ellis
Baby – Ramsey Campbell
The Wrong Turning – Richard Middleton
Podolo – L. P. Hartley


Thanks to the success of 1975’s The Star Book of Horrors, this second edition was quickly published. It was the first time that a Hugh Lamb anthology enjoyed a numbered sequel.

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