Three Men in the Dark


Published in 2017 by HarperCollins.

Jerome K. Jerome’s reputation as a humorist, renowned for his comic novel Three Men in a Boat, has thrown into undeserved obscurity his fine efforts in the ghost story genre.

Three Men in the Dark collects Jerome’s major horror stories, together with a selection from two of his friends with whom he founded the magazines The Idler and Today – the journalist Robert Barr and the humorist Barry Pain. Like Jerome, their stories of terror and the supernatural have been overlooked for many years.

Edited and introduced by veteran anthologist Hugh Lamb, this new edition includes as an extra bonus the long-lost novelette, ‘The Mystery of Black Rock Creek’. Written in five parts by Jerome K. Jerome, Barry Pain, Eden Phillpotts, E. F. Benson and Bram Stoker’s brother-in-law Frank Frankfort Moore, it rounds off one of the most unusual and entertaining anthologies of the macabre of recent years.


Introduction – Hugh Lamb
The Skeleton – Jerome K. Jerome
The Moon-Slave – Barry Pain
The Undying Thing – Barry Pain
Purification – Robert Barr
The End of a Show – Barry Pain
The Haunted Mill – Jerome K. Jerome
The Unfinished Game – Barry Pain
The Glass of Supreme Moments – Barry Pain
The Vengeance of the Dead – Robert Barr
Smeath – Barry Pain
The Woman of the Sæter – Jerome K. Jerome
The Green Light – Barry Pain
The Snake – Jerome K. Jerome
The Hour and the Man – Robert Barr
The Case of Vincent Pyrwhit – Barry Pain
Not According to the Code – Robert Barr
Linda – Barry Pain
Silhouettes – Jerome K. Jerome
The Tower – Barry Pain
The Four-Fingered Hand – Barry Pain
Transformation – Robert Barr
The Gray Cat – Barry Pain
The Dancing Partner – Jerome K. Jerome
An Alpine Divorce – Robert Barr
The Mystery of Black Rock Creek
– Chapter I – Jerome K. Jerome
– Chapter II – Eden Phillpotts
– Chapter III – E. F. Benson
– Chapter IV – Frank Frankfort Moore
– Chapter V – Barry Pain


This new edition of the anthology Stories in the Dark (published in 1989) features the addition of the story The Mystery of Black Rock Creek.


I love this collection of dark, mysterious stories! It is amazing, not so dark as to instill nightmares but enough to cause a serious case of the creeps..

Goodreads Reviewer

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