The Black Reaper Released in Kindle and Paperback

The Black Reaper Released in Kindle and Paperback

Oct 12, 2017 | Bernard Capes, Ghost Story, HarperCollins, Hugh Lamb, News, Publications | 0 comments

The Black Reaper, Hugh Lamb’s second new release this year, is now available to buy on Amazon. Published by HarperCollins, as part of the Collins Chillers series, this revised edition features a foreward by Ian Burns (Capes’ Grandson) and an introduction by Hugh.

Bernard Capes was one of the Victorian period’s most prolific writers, publishing over forty volumes of romances, mysteries, poetry, and history, in addition to numerous articles for popular publications of the time. Capes also wrote ghost stories, of course, most of which remained forgotten until Hugh began republishing them in the 70s and 80s. See the Bibliography for previous editions of Capes anthologies.

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The Black Reaper
The Vanishing House
The Thing in the Forest
The Accursed Cordonnier
The Shadow-Dance
William Tyrwhitt’s ‘Copy’
A Queer Cicerone
A Gallows-Bird
The Sword of Corporal Lacoste
The Glass Ball
Poor Lucy Rivers
The Apothecary’s Revenge
The Green Bottle
The Closed Door
The Dark Compartment
The Marble Hands
The Moon Stricken
The Queer Picture
Dark Dignum
The Mask
The Strength of the Rope
The White Hare
An Eddy on the Floor




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