Things That Wait in the Dark Featured in The Washington Post

Things That Wait in the Dark Featured in The Washington Post

Oct 26, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Halloween is upon us and the choices for seasonal spooky reading are vast. Luckily, Michael Dirda at The Washington Post is on hand with some suggestions for scary stories both old and new.

One of his suggestions is none other than Things That Wait in the Dark, the latest anthology of vintage horror from Hugh and Richard Lamb. It is quite an honor to be mentioned (and pictured) in the same space as Shirley Jackson, Robert Louis Stevenson and Henry James.

Dirda singles out Marjorie Bowen’s They Found My Grave and says it is:

…one of the highlights of “Things That Wait in the Dark,” edited by Richard Lamb and Hugh Lamb (Kingsbrook Publishing). This is the second anthology in which Richard Lamb continues his late father’s invaluable practice of reintroducing half-forgotten tales of terror by gaslight. Read it while sipping brandy or chamomile tea.

Why not treat yourself to some vintage chills this week. With sipping brandy or chamomile tea, of course.



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