The Elusive Mr Lamb

The Elusive Mr Lamb

Sep 28, 2017 | Ghost Story, Hugh Lamb, Logans Run, News, Websites | 0 comments

Hugh Lamb online was officially launched this week with announcements on both Facebook and Twitter, drawing interest from those who know Hugh and his work. The response has been great, so thank you to everyone who came to see the website.

As has been pointed out in various places around the website, it is not run by Hugh himself, but rather a family member (that would be his son, Richard, or ‘me’, as I refer to myself) with help and suggestions from friends and colleagues. Over the years, looking at various forums and groups of ghost story enthusiasts, I noticed a slight clamouring for some form of internet presence for Hugh Lamb. When it was announced that there would be three new anthologies on the way this year, it seemed the ideal time to get a website together. It’s what I do for a living, after all.

Hugh Lamb. Picture taken by llama.

Hugh Lamb, however, remains a rather technology-averse figure, with no mobile phone, no email address, and no computer. Think Peter Ustinov’s character in Logan’s Run and you’ll get the idea. That’s not to say he doesn’t take an interest in this website, or receive regular updates by carrier pigeon. I exaggerate, of course. He does have a landline phone. And I’m keen that he be as involved as possible, but visitors should understand that there’s a reason why we have no contact form on the website. It’s not easy to deliver personal messages by llama to his mountain retreat in the Himalayas.

Another exaggeration? Perhaps. But comments are always welcome, either on these news posts or on the comments page, and I will pass them on during our weekly chats.


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