Tribute to Hugh Lamb on Hypnogoria

Jim Moon just published a wonderful tribute to Hugh Lamb and his works on the website Hypnogoria. Tracing Hugh’s career, from his initial foray into the anthology up to last year’s HarperCollins editions, Moon explores Hugh’s influence on the genre and the importance of his work uncovering lost tales of terror.

From the site:

Welcome to a world of Victorian horrors and Edwardian terrors! In this episode we pay tribute to the great scholar and researcher of the macabre who sadly passed away last week. Hugh Lamb edited a great number of very influential horror anthologies and curated editions of macabre tales for the likes of E Nesbit, Robert W Chambers. He discovered lost and forgotten tales by masters such as MR James, Charles Dickens and Edgar Allen Poe, and rescued from obscurity dozens of long out of print weird tales, including several that I have read on the podcast in the past.

Listen to the podcast here.



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